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Diving Into Blue Carbon Ocean Solutions
SOA has funded 20 blue carbon ocean solutions with our microgrants program in coastal and indigenous communities around the world.

A focus of the SOA Ocean Leadership Microgrants program is to support projects that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through nature-based solutions like photosynthesis (mangroves, seagrass) and the formation of calcium carbonate (shellfish and corals).

In the past year, we’ve supported many projects that enhance this critical function of aquatic and coastal ecosystems; one that is urgently needed if the Earth is to avoid the impending worst-case scenarios for climate change.

Join us during #ClimateWeek as we highlight the importance of Blue Carbon for the future of our planet and give you a preview of the blue carbon solutions of today and tomorrow.

Opening Keynote - Emily Pidgeon - Vice President of Ocean Science and Innovation at Conservation International

Featured Micrograntee Projects:

Kiabu Reefs - Indonesia
Carbon Ethics - Indonesia
Mikoko Pamoja - Kenya
Tanzania’s Seagrass Monitoring - Tanzania
Phoenix Expedition - France
Roots of The Sea - Martinique
Cameroon Mangrove Restoration - Cameroon
Fundacion Casa Mangle - Colombia

Closing Keynote - Louise Delion of Phoenix Expedition

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